Baby massage

Baby Massage in North London: A relaxing Journey for You and Your Little One

Positive Mama baby massage course, in Haringey, is tailored for babies 4 weeks till crawling 

The 4-week program runs on weekly sessions on fixed dates.

Busy during the week? Join the Sunday course

Would you like to take the course with your mum friends, on dates, times and locations of your preference? Get in touch


Why Baby Massage Matters?

Baby massage is more than just a soothing touch; it’s a bonding experience that offers numerous benefits for you and your baby.
Here’s why you should consider joining my course:
  1. Increases Bonding: Baby massage creates a deep emotional connection between you and your little one, building trust and security.
  2. Improved Sleep: Gentle massage techniques can help soothe your baby, promoting better sleep patterns.
  3. Relief from Discomfort: Massage can alleviate common discomforts like gas, colic, and teething, providing comfort to your baby.
  4. Developmental Benefits: It aids in your baby’s sensory and motor development, stimulating their growth.
  5. Parental Confidence: Learn and gain the confidence to respond to your baby’s cues effectively.
  6.  Self-care for you: Enjoy guided meditations, breath work, connect with other local parents in a safe and non-judgmental environment and enjoy free snacks and drinks.
  7. Quality time: A moment just for you and your baby to create long-lasting memories 

Why Positive Mama baby massage?

When you sign up for my baby massage course, you’re in for a treat!
You’ll be welcomed at my lovely Haringey home, not some drafty church hall or a loud nursery.
You’ll pick up those soothing baby strokes, in a safe, non-judgmental space, and we’ll definitely make time for some chit-chats over a cuppa and yummy biscuits!
Duration: 4 weeks course, one session a week
Location: Positive Mama’s home N15 3JU
Who: This course is suitable for babies from 4 weeks till crawling, mums/dads welcome
Cost: £65 for the 4-week course
Limited spaces Available: Limited spaces available to maintain a small and personalized learning environment

Would you like to take the course with your mum friends, on dates, times and locations of your preference?  Get in touch

Please note, courses have changed from 5 to 4 weeks long from May and the price reflects that.
Baby massage Haringey

Baby massage Sunday

Busy during the week? You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to bond with your baby
Join the Sunday course, a single session you can attend as a stand-alone or many times, up to you.
Mums and dads welcome.
£20 a session



Would you like to take a single session with your mum friends, on dates, times and locations of your preference?  Get in touch 


baby massage course north london

It really helped to provide a time of calm and relaxation for me and my baby

The 5 week course was great! The atmosphere Andrea created was so warm and welcoming, and it was a great way to meet and chat with other mums.

baby massage course north london

We are using the techniques in our routine, we're loving it!

My daughter and I really enjoyed the baby massage course with Andrea, every aspect was excellent.

baby massage course north london

Really enjoyed the recent baby massage course

Really enjoyed the recent baby massage course. Clear instructions, good handouts, lovely teachers and a great group of mums

Meet the teacher

Hello, I'm Andrea, a mother of three who has spent over 5 years passionately supporting women on their incredible journey into motherhood.
My journey into the world of maternal support was born after having my 3rd daughter, I developed a deep desire to create a positive impact in the lives of women transitioning into motherhood from pregnancy. Having experienced the joys and challenges of motherhood myself, I understand the unique rollercoaster of emotions that come with it.
My ongoing personal journey keeps fuelling my commitment to guide and empower women like you, helping you navigate the beautiful complexities of this transformative phase of life.
I'm here to provide you with the essential tools to embrace motherhood with confidence and a sense of calm.
Welcome to my world! 

baby massage north london